Winter skin

Published January 31st, 2015

With falling temperatures come ski vacations and travels to chilly locales: crisp white snow, the smell of firewood burning, and dry, chapped, painful skin. Coming in from the cold and facing blasting heat doesn't help, either.  Even for those of us in South Florida, the cooler temps can affect our skin.  So what's the best way to keep your epidermis in top shape?

Ban the fragrance. Great smelling soaps mean dry, irritated skin. Look for cleansers that are fragrance free and for sensitive skin, like cetaphil, cerave, or unscented dove.

Turn down the heat - in the shower, that is. Hot water zaps moisture from skin. Much better to take a cooler, shorter shower.

When your skin is still slightly damp from the shower, put on a moisturizing cream - not lotion. Again, no fragrance here either. I like eucerin or cetaphil cream.

Special spots: slather aquaphor on hands and feet before bedtime for extra moisturizing. Glycolic acid creams also help with extra thick rough patches.

And pay attention to clothing, too. Avoid dryer sheets and make sure detergent is also fragrance free. Wool clothing can be irritating to skin.

Remember, even though the weather is cool outside, the sun's rays are still strong. A broad spectrum sunscreen needs to be applied every single day.  No exceptions!  And remember, the sun reflects off the snow (just like with water) and causes even more ultraviolet light exposure.

Stay warm out there - and keep your skin healthy all season long!


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