Silicone: not just for Barbie

Published December 11th, 2014

Acne scars are common and can be very emotionally distressing.  They can be improved with a variety of methods, including subcision (manually breaking up the scars with a needle), lasers, peels, and injection of fillers.  One filler that works particularly well in this condition is silicone.

The use of silicone has been controversial due to the injection of illegal silicone substances by both physicians and non-physicians.  The only silicone that should ever be used is a sterile and highly purified medical grade liquid silicone oil, such as Silikon 1000®.  This product is currently approved by the FDA for the treatment of retinal detachment.  Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have used it for decades "off-label" to correct lines, wrinkles, and scarring.  It is a safe treatment. 

Silicone is permanent.  In order to avoid lumps and overcorrection, silicone is injected using the microdroplet technique.  Very tiny droplets of silicone are injected with the smallest needle.  The silicone stimulates collagen to form around the droplet, allowing the scar to become filled in and smoothed out.  Because small amounts are injected at a time, several sessions are scheduled monthly.  The scars will not be fully corrected after the first treatment.  Doing it this way results in a natural appearance.

It's important to seek a licensed, board certified dermatologist with expertise in the use of silicone and its potential complications. They must use the medical-grade Silikon 1000 and the microdroplet technique, the only substance and technique used at Premier Dermatology, MD.


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