Love those cheeks

Published February 9th, 2015

The secret is out. The fountain of youth is here, and it ain't made of water. It's made of hyaluronic acid, and it's called Juvederm Voluma: an injectable filler from Allergan, the folks who make Botox (for wrinkles), Juvederm (filler) and Latisse (grows/thickens/lengthens lashes).  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite fillers.

Over time, we lose bone and fat in our faces. Think of our skulls as a deflating balloon - depressing, but true. As it shrinks, the skin overlying it begins to sag and drape- leading to hollows under the eyes, sunken-in cheeks, folds around the mouths (the parentheses), folds under our mouth (marionette lines), and a sagging jawline. All of this makes us look tired and older.

It was thought that the answer was just a face lift- pulling the skin tighter. Now we know that without replacing volume, or re-inflating the balloon, that more youthful look just won't be achieved.

Enter Voluma. By restoring volume, cheeks are returned to their rightful place: resting on top of cheekbones, rather than sagging and folding down towards mouths.  The result is a natural, soft, youthful, subtle look for both the upper and lower face.

And the best part? It lasts two years. This is one time where being cheeky is a good thing!


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